An Effort to Reorganize


Over the years, many individuals and groups in Madison, Indiana have tried to establish a young professionals organization for the region. Unfortunately, whether it was a lack of interest or awareness, the group could never get off the ground, save for a few networking events. Going into 2016, I and a few other young professionals in Madison decided to give it another shot, with me being in charge of rebranding and redesigning the website.


The organization was lacking any true message or brand, and the visuals being used left a lot to be desired. The first step was shortening the name of the group from Madison, Indiana Future Young Professionals to just Madison Young Professionals, or MYP. Much easier to visualize and remember. The "logo' being used was constructed from clip art, so a professionally designed logo was needed. The orange speech box is simple and to the point – MYP would give a voice to young professionals in our community. The new website, which is still in development, would be attractive to young professionals and feature newsletter and membership sign-up, events, and a blog with articles written by local YPs. A social media campaign, #myp2016, was used to tag photos and events, thus potentially bringing more young professionals into the discussion.



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